IFEA Fifth’ Archaeological Meetings

HITTITOLOGY TODAY Hittite and Neo-Hittite Anatolian Studies, on the 100th anniversary of Emmanuel Laroche’s birth Istanbul, 21-22 nov. 2014 Organised by the French Institut of Anatolian Researches (IFEA) and the UMR 8167 In collaboration with Koç Institut RCAC The Meeting will be held at Koç University RCAC Auditorium Istiklal Caddesi No: 181 Merkez Han 34433 Beyoğlu Istanbul, Turkey Web : www.ifea-istanbul.net

Friday 21 November 2014

9:00-9:20 Registration and welcoming

9:20-9:30 Introduction by Jean-Françoise Pérouse (IFEA director) and Alice Mouton

9:30-9:45 Introduction by Laroche’s family

9:45-10:05 Stefano de Martino (Trieste University)

The Diffusion of the Hurrian Language in Hittite Anatolia

10:05-10:25 Susanne Görke (Mayence University)

Hurrian Studies after Emmanuel Laroche

10:25-10:45 Elisabeth Rieken (Marburg University)

Ergativity, Agentivity, Individuation? Agreement Patterns of Collective Nouns in


10:45-11:00 Discussion

11:00-11:15 coffee break

11:15-11:35 Ilya Yakubovich (Russian Sciences Acasemy - Marburg University)

The Luwian Title of the Great King

11:35-11:55 Heiner Eichner (Vienne University)

Der Fortgang der lykischen Studien nach Emmanuel Laroche: einige instruktive


11:55-12:15 Recai Tekoğlu (zmir University)

Old and Newly discovered Lycian Inscriptions from Tlos

12:15-12h30 Discussion

12:30-14:00 Lunch break

14:00-14:20 Massimo Poetto (Bari University)


14:20-14:40 Aygül Süel (Ankara University)

Ortaköy-Şapinuva Mühürleri Üzerinde Çalışmalar

14:40-15:00 Rukiye Akdoğan (Adana University)

Yayınlanmamış Bazı Bo Tabletlerine Yeni Duplikat ve Paralel Metinler

15:00-15:20 Tayfun Yıldırım (Ankara University)

Selected Scenes from Bitik-İnandıktepe Type Hittite Cult Vases- New Proposals and

Comparative Observations

15:20-15h35 Discussion

15:35-15:50 Coffee break

15:50-16:10 Ian Rutherford (Reading Universit)

Purification by Puppy:A Case of Anatolian Influence on Greek Religion

16:10-16:30 Alice Mouton (CNRS-UMR 8167 Ivry sur Seine - Institut Catholique de


The Individual and his Body in Hittite Anatolia: A New Project

16:30-16:50 Manfred Hutter (Bonn University)

Kubaba, the Phrygian Matar and their Consort: Fusing in Sardes to Shape the

Goddess Kybele

16:50-17:05 Discussion


Saturday22 november 2014

9:00-9:30 Reception and Coffee

9:30-9:50 Willemijn Waal (Leyde University)

A New Interpretation of the Hittite Expression šarā ar-and its Implications for Hittite

Record Management

9:50-10:10 Zsolt Simon (Budapest University)

The Northern Border of Tabal

10:10-10:30 Massimo Forlanini (Milan)

Le rôle de Purušḫanda dans l’histoire hittite

10:30-10:50 David Hawkins (SOAS, London)

Laroche and the Seals of Meskene/Emar

10:50-11:05 Discussion

11:05-11:20 Coffee break

11:20-11:40 Max Gander (Zurich University)

A Heretic View on the Location of Arzawa and the Arzawa Lands

11:40-12:00 Eric Jean (Çorum University)

La présence française en Cilicie au lendemain de la Première Guerre Mondiale et

son impact sur la recherche archéologique

12:00-12:15 Discussion

12:15-14:30 Lunch break


14:30-14:50 Yiğit Erbil (Université Hacettepe, Ankara)

Preliminary Results of the Fasıllar Survey

14:50-15:10 Andreas Schachner (DAI İstanbul)

The Relation between the Hittite Capital-City Hattusha and its Empire

15:10-15:30 Françoise Laroche et Dominique Beyer (Université de Strasbourg)

Zeyve-Höyük-Porsuk, une fouille française dans le Bas-Pays hittite

15:30-15:45 Discussion

15:45-16:00 Coffee break

16:00-16:20 Aslıhan Yener (Université Koç, İstanbul)

Hittite Great Priest Pilukatuha and Late Bronze Age Ritual Spaces at Alalakh

16:20-16:40 Belkıs Dinçol (Université d’İstanbul)

The New Anatolian Hieroglyphic Seal Impressions from Tell Atchana / Alalakh and

Alacahöyük with a tablet fragment from Alacahöyük

16:40-17:00 Elif Denel (ARIT, Ankara)

Transformation of Royal Space at Iron Age Tell Tayinat

17:00-17:15 Discussion


Organisation & Edition

Alice Mouton & IFEA Pôle Archéologie

Scientic Committee:

Meltem Alparslan (Istanbul University)

Metin Alparslan (Istanbul University)

Alice Mouton (CNRS-UMR 8167 - Institut Catholique de Paris)

Ilya Yakubovich (Russian Sciences Academy - Marburg University)

Yigit Erbil (Hacettepe University-Ankara)

With the support of MIDPOINT