“Trade and Finance in the 5th c. BC Aegean World”

Workshop Our traditional picture of the Aegean in the 5th century BC is one dominated by Athens and her historians, both ancient and modern. The apparent supremacy of the city in the cultural field, a result of its military and economical pre-eminence, allowed the city to define the political trajectory of the Greek world as leader of the Delian League. But outside of Athens (on the Aegean Islands, Crete, the Greek mainland or the poleis of the Asia Minor coast) the 5th century is characterised by a decline - indeed in some areas by a complete absence of archaeological and epigraphical material. This absence of evidence stands in a strong contrast to the substantial remains of ancient monuments from the 6th and 4th century BC in the same areas, and thus the period has been characterised as one of widespread economical, cultural and political crisis or collapse. Intensive trade contracts seem to fracture, and the Aegean World becomes an arena for competing Persian, Athenian and Spartan hegemonic cultural and imperial ambitions.  ALMAN ARKEOLOJİ ENSTİTÜSÜ / İSTANBUL 31. Mai bis 2. Juni 2010 31st May to 2nd June 2010 31 Mayıs - 2 Haziran 2010 Kontakt: Dr. Anja Slawisch - slawisch@istanbul.dainst.org